Weep hole coolant leak

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Water pump

Water Pump

Weep hole coolant leak



Abnormal noises

Other : failure arisen from coolant

Other : trouble caused by incorrectly installed or damaged fan coupling

Weep hole coolant leak

Condition(s) :
- The weep hole protects bearings from corrosion damage by preventing seepage of coolant into the pump body.
- In
normal operation, traces of dried coolant may be visible around the
hole. Coolant leak may be occurring if there is fluid around the weep
hole or if the reservoir tank reaches low coolant levels within about a
Cause(s) :
- Contamination and sludge has damaged the mechanical seal, reducing sealing performance.
Cure(s) :
- Before
installing the new water pump, flush the cooling system 2 – 3 times and
let engine idle for about 3 minutes with the old pump to remove any
sludge deposit.
- Replace the anti-freeze regularly at the specified mixture and fluid level.
- Do not use sealants (RTV) when gaskets are supplied.
- When sealants are necessary, apply evenly and do not allow excess to enter the water channel.

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